Wage Rules Attached To Stimulus Funds Mean Fewer Jobs (81% of Workers Against Unions)

State governments that contract jobs paid for with stimulus money will be required to pay workers on construction projects union wages rather than market rates good news for workers but good news for not as many of them.

Higher costs per project mean fewer projects completed.

Los Angeles County officials who received $8 million in Community Development Block Grant money to weatherize homes for low-income people said they typically bid the job low and pay about $15 an hour for a worker to caulk windows. However, under union scale, that job pays $25 an hour and $5 in benefits, so instead of repairing 100 homes, they might do 50 homes for the same price.

Elsewhere, the union wage for a plumber in Long Island is $45 an hour, the market rate is $30. In Las Vegas, the Davis-Bacon wage for a glass worker is $57 an hour, a job the Nevada State Housing division currently pays $15 to do. Read More

Obama could care less about what the people of America wants.

81 Percent of Workers Against Unions

A Rasmussen Reports survey finds 81 percent of non-union workers do not want union representation. That compares to just 9 percent of workers who say they do want to join a union.

Even among workers whose employers are laying off employees, interest in joining a union is low: Only 9 percent want to be members of a union.Read More

These Obama projects aren’t making enough jobs to start lowering the number of unemployment, and when the money runs out what then? Has anyone seen any of the Obama construction projects emblems signs up in their area of the country? I sure have not, but maybe if I ran down to the welfare office I would see a Obama project sign on the door! Obama does not seem to care what the people want..he keeps on his same path to bankrupting America!


(1) Obama-bots…activate! Form of…a “Pledge Project Canvass!”