Barack Opens New Era Of Recklessness

Nolan Finley: Call it the Audacity of Hype. The president, casting himself as the somber task master of a frivolous people, is demanding sacrifice of every American. But there’s little sacrifice in his budget.

Lower and middle-income earners will see tax cuts, even while spending soars, the same sort of financial recklessness that was condemned when Bush was the one going into hock to buy political points.

The Obama budget perpetuates the have-it-now, pay-for-it-later mentality that has brought us to the brink of financial ruin. He isn’t going to let the economic crisis deter him from enacting his hugely expensive social agenda. Nor will he heed warnings that his energy and health initiatives may place additional financial hardships on struggling taxpayers….. Keep reading

The Lower and middle-income earners will see tax cuts then will pay much higher prices for food and other products far greater than the small tax cuts. Barack is demanding sacrifice of every American while he has big expensive parties in our White House and sends our tax dollars across the pond to bail out banks over there. AIG giving our tax money to the same people that cause this melt down in the form of millions of dollar bonuses. This American thinks its time for one of the largest Tea Parties that the World has ever seen on April 15th.

Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

Rasmussen: Obama 3/2-8/09 approval 56 unaproval 42


(1) No duh! White House “worried about bailout backlash”


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  1. New energy taxes, by themselves, will wipe out whatever measly income tax cuts the average household sees.

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