Barack Obama’s Public Support Is Eroding

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has slipped, as a growing number of Americans see him listening more to his party’s liberals than to its moderates and many voice opposition to some of his key economic proposals. Obama’s job approval rating has slipped from 64% in February to 59% currently, while disapproval has jumped from 17% to 26% over this period.  Read More

Goodbye honeymoon. The people are tired of your big spending which is bankrupting this great Nation.


2 comments on “Barack Obama’s Public Support Is Eroding

  1. Rasmussen has the Obama’s “approval index,” which is “strongly approve” minus “strongly disapprove,” at 4, lowest yet. And another Rasmussen survey, here, shows that only 9% of non-union workers want to join a union. Card check! Make ’em join! Yes we can!

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