UPDATED: Mar 19 – Ammunition in short supply, gun sales are up

UPDATE: Mar 19

Responding to two Democratic senators representing outraged private gun owners, the Department of Defense announced last night it has scrapped a new policy that would deplete the supply of ammunition by requiring destruction of fired military cartridge brass.

The policy already had taken a bite out of the nation’s stressed ammunition supply, leaving arms dealers scrambling to find ammo for private gun owners.
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Local sportsmen and gun enthusiasts looking for ammunition are coming up empty handed, as a national ammunition shortage leaves gun barrels and shop shelves empty.

Various explanations have been given for the shortage, from rising material costs, increased demand due to military uses, and people stocking up as federal legislative proposals requiring ammunition to be engraved with a serial number move forward.

“Folks have been experiencing shortages all over the country,” said Rachel Parsons, spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association. “Since the election there has been a great increase in firearms sales as well. Background checks are up, enrollment in training and safety classes is up, concealed weapons permits are up, gun sales are up. And ammo manufacturers can’t keep up with demand.”
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Better buy while you can, there will be more gun control coming sooner than we think!


5 comments on “UPDATED: Mar 19 – Ammunition in short supply, gun sales are up

  1. Now it has come clear…now we know what they intend to do.

    It is an end-run around Congress. They don’t need to try to ban guns–they don’t need to fight a massive battle to attempt gun registration, or limit “assault” weapon sales.

    Nope. All they have to do is limit the amount of ammunition available to the civilian market, and when bullets dry up, guns will be useless. The Shootist

    I hope you didn’t mind me taking a few sentences from the psge you mention above lukemcgook. Oh and thanks for the link.

  2. Nope. Turns out the problem was just bureaucrats doing what bureaucrats do.

    Now, why are the Oids making it tougher for airline crews to defend themselves and their aircraft?

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