Social D.C. will be the “people from Chicago, and the people close to the president

American poor and middle class voters want to see where your standings are with your president?

Everyman Obama courts socialites

While publicly identifying with the nation’s have-nots, the Obama administration has been cultivating the Beltway social elite behind the scenes.

The outreach to the luxury lifestyle glossies, which cater to the region’s highest socioeconomic strata with knowing coverage of everything from the choicest real estate and most exclusive parties to the plushest resorts and spas, is not the only recent evidence that the Obama administration is eager to forge ties with the nation’s social and style arbiters. Keep reading……

If the poor and middle class has any hope left they better put it into zip lock bag and keep it for another day, the Obamas don’t have time out of their big time spending parties entertaining the elite while you’re at home without a job eating beans out of a can. Did you really think Obama would share his wealth with you? False hope huh!


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2 comments on “Social D.C. will be the “people from Chicago, and the people close to the president

  1. Eh. It’s mostly the Ghost Dance of liberalism. For all the Reagan references, it’s Kennedy and Camelot that are the models — that one brief, shining moment when government was glamorous.

    It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of JFK in Left mythology. Guy was a rich kid, a hound, and a Cold War Democrat, but somehow he’s become a hero in the great romance of destroying the world in order to save it.

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