U.S. Becoming a ‘Dual Country’ ???

New York Times best-selling book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” Now, he fears, the U.S. is becoming a “dual country.”

The author, pundit and political scientist says that Obama is using open borders, economic integration, and the crises surrounding the financial meltdown to “advance the agenda of worldwide integration, economically on the way to political integration.”

The goal is simple: “redistribution of income.” It’s a trait deeply rooted in Obama’s youth as a community organizer and follower of the late Chicago radical Saul Alinsky. Alinsky, Corsi says, advised radicals in the ‘60s “to cut their hair and run for office. Say whatever was necessary to get elected; listen to the grievances of the people so you can appear to be one of them.

“But when you got elected, the goal was to redistribute income,” Corsi adds. “It appears to be the only consistent theme in the early days of the Obama presidency.” …… Keep reading

I can see how a person could think this from the actions of Obama in his short time as president.


(1) FBI raid at Obama Chief Technology Officer Vivek Kundra, Kundra former office, March 12, 2009, Yusuf Acar and Sushil Bansal arrested by FBI, WTOP article, FBI agents search office


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  1. Good article. Barky has, on occasion, usually when the teleprompter is off, been real clear about his agenda. During the campaign, the agenda was downplayed by media prostitutes and camouflaged by a fog of rhetorical feelgood, but those who were paying attention knew where his sympathies lay and what his preferences were.

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