UPDATE: Million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students – Spending plan kills funding for low-income families in the District of Columbia school vouchers

Clinton announced the Middle East Partnership Initiative during a visit to this Palestinian town last week. The four-year program will support about 10 scholarships each year for disadvantaged students to attend four-year courses at Palestinian universities. The program will also offer 25 “opportunity grants” to enable promising but disadvantaged young Palestinians to apply to American-accredited institutions in the United States or the Middle East, a State Department official told The Chronicle.
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And then The American Children:

Spending plan kills funding for Washington school vouchers
Congress is poised to do away with one of former President George W. Bush’s signature initiatives in education
The Washington program, the only voucher system in the country that uses federal funds, was enacted in 2004 by the Republican-controlled Congress, with some Democratic support.

Its advocates say it gives children in troubled school districts such as Washington’s an opportunity to obtain a higher-quality education. Urban school districts in New Orleans, Milwaukee and Cleveland have similar programs that use state money. Read More

From: US Compartment of State web page!

SECRETARY CLINTON: Remarks at AMIDEAST for Access English Language Scholarship Program
First, we will provide new funding for the Youth Education and Study program, also known as YES, so more high school students can participate in American student exchange programs that will further the bonds between Palestinian and American young people. I know that there are people in this program teaching, including Steven Keller, who have had these kinds of opportunities and therefore become real advocates for what this means.

Second, I’m also proud to announce the creation of a new program that will enable Palestinian students to enroll in full four-year programs at eligible Palestinian universities. Today, these universities remain out of financial reach for too many of these young people. It’s the same in our country. We have so many bright young people whose families cannot afford to send them to college, and we’re doing more in our own country and I want to do more right here with Palestinian students.

Third, we will make opportunity grants available for Palestinian students interested in studying at American universities so that a larger pool of capable young men and women from places like the West Bank and Gaza can compete along with students in other countries for the opportunity to further their academic training in America. Read More Tax money give away

Let me ask you this, who should come first when it comes to making sure they get federal funds (your tax money) for an education? American children or Palestinian children?


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4 comments on “UPDATE: Million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students – Spending plan kills funding for low-income families in the District of Columbia school vouchers

  1. National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, Hamas. They all exploit children for their own ends, and O is their friend.

  2. I’d like to see the source for this news story. When I Googled it, there were no legitimate news sources reporting this story at allm just a bynch of rightwing blogs that have posted the exact same story. I’d be willing to bet this is a hoax, and you fell for it, goodtimepolitics.

  3. I think I read someplace that Obama and Ayers was trying to radicalize our children.

    The ideology? A blend of Marxism and anti-Americanism that Ayers and his acolytes hope will influence the beliefs of our children. The ideology, as I wrote, has very little to do with education and a great deal to do with radicalism and revolution.

    Why should we be concerned? One of Barack Obama’s goals as President will be to “overhaul” our graduate schools of education, according to today’s New York Sun. This is precisely the “playpen” that Ayers has used to continue his own revolution. American Thinker

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