A Rocky Start for Obama’s Broadband Push (Shovel Ready?)

Government confused and where is the shovel ready remark that Obama made when he had to pass the bill asap. Good lier but those lies catch up with a person sooner or later.

On Mar. 10, Dan Spatz joined hundreds of other people who crammed into a 500-seat auditorium at the Commerce Dept. building in Washington, D.C. The crowd of executives, entrepreneurs, and local officials had gathered for the first public hearing about how the federal government plans to distribute $7.2 billion in grants and loans to improve broadband Internet access in the U.S.

And so it went again and again. At the first public discussion of the Obama Administration’s much heralded broadband plan, government officials offered virtually no hard answers to the hundreds of people who gathered in person and the 2,500 more who participated via live Web video. For almost every substantive question about how the billions will be allocated, officials said they’re looking for guidance from the public. Bernadette McGuire-Rivera, NTIA associate administrator, said the government is seeking input on “nearly every facet of the program.”
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What you thing about Obama’s big time spending?