Barack and Michelle Obama Are Despot Wannabe’s

Rev. Lainie Dowell: I came from a long line of strong, black women and loving men. My female ancestors were beautiful, quiet, sweet, Godly, wonderful, and strong.

Now I will tell you what my late grandmother said about “mess.” She said, “I don’t mind you (messing) on me; but when you rub my nose in it, you (sic) done gone too far!!”

The question I have is “Why do our government leadership and the clergy continue to go along with Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as if they were, themselves, helpless to avert this ongoing train wreck from crashing all over America? Just because Obama is full of himself and has believed his own press releases too much does not mean that we have to humor him in his folly.

It is not altogether unknown that charismatic leaders come along with a gift of gab (written down and judiciously studied speeches delivered for a sinister purpose) and they cajole a reasonably sane nation into believing and accepting their up front scams while they are being robbed blind from behind. Read More

Obama isn’t pulling the wool over everyone! Is he pulling the wool over your eyes? Think about it people!


(1) Analysts to Obama: There are no Taliban “moderates,” you nitwit


One comment on “Barack and Michelle Obama Are Despot Wannabe’s

  1. Thank you Sir!
    I think you summed it up beautifully! I appreciate you very, very much. I get really tired of the shallow individuals who “love” Obama. He is a theif and he is robbing this country blind…especially the future for our children.
    God Bless you, sir.
    C. McAllister

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