Pelosi Curses out Harry Reid


After an angry, swearing late night meeting among top Democrats, Congress voted Friday to give itself another five days to try to complete a long-overdue omnibus spending bill that had become a growing embarrassment for party leaders and President Barack Obama…
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) and his deputy, Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D.-Ill.) were called to Pelosi’s office late Thursday night and ultimately prevailed in their argument that Democrats should try to salvage the bill, which includes critical spending increases for vital agencies. But the heated, sometimes profane, exchanges were described as “ugly” by Democrats on both sides of the Capitol. Staff, kicked out in the hall, could hear the yelling, and Pelosi herself seemed a little abashed the next day, joking that nothing her leadership could say to her now would match the night before…

The speaker’s scorched earth alternative, killing the omnibus, was too much for some in her own leadership.
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Looks like a family fight beween the hatfields and McCoys!


6 comments on “Pelosi Curses out Harry Reid

  1. love the pics, maybe they can all bite each other and get rabies and with that epidemic, they will have to offer the rest of us affordable health care

  2. To paraphrase LBJ, if he’s lost AP, he’s lost the media.

    AP was one of the loudest Obama pom pom girls during the campaign, but here’s from an article on the economy

    Although the administration likes to say it “inherited” the recession and trillion-dollar deficits, the economic wreckage has worsened on Obama’s still-young watch.

    Every day, the economy is becoming more and more an Obama economy.

  3. Now come on President Bush kept the economy above water considering he had 9/11 happen early during his term, well was until the democrats took control of congress and now Obama is out spending all past presidents isn’t he?

  4. Not to worry, Pelosi had time to hang out with Brad Pitt (see post from yesterday) so how bad can things be

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