Obama losing nominees left and right, 3 more withdraw from running


Three of Barack Obama’s nominations for key government positions have withdrawn from the running on a single day in another blow to his faltering attempts to fill his administration.
Annette Nazareth, a former senior staffer and commissioner with the Securities and Exchange Commission, was said to have made “a personal decision” to pull out.

She had faced criticism for her SEC role in creating what Mr Obama himself has lambasted as lax oversight of the banking industry and her confirmation hearing threatened to be contentious.

Nancy Killefer, chosen to be “chief performance officer”, pulled out over unpaid taxes while General Anthony Zinni was told he would be ambassador to Baghdad only to learn that a diplomat had been appointed to fill the slot but no one had bothered to tell him.

Paul Volcker, an Obama economic adviser and former Federal Reserve chairman, called the situation at the Treasury “shameful” last week. Read More

Seem that no one wants to work for Obama or disagrees with his policies and yes or are tax dodgers.
Its all over the news that Obama does not know what to do about the economy, the American people are starting to worry about Obama’s direction for the country. Tea Parties are getting larger groups and I can see the protest growing fast. Obama is looking like a Jimmy Carter with his spending spree. Companies are laying off older workers to save money and these older people are having problems finding another job because of their age of mostly 55 years olds. They to young to retired and to old to work?  Some people are saying that Nancy Pelosi 
is taking care of the presidential work while Obama is still on a campaign trip around the country.


2 comments on “Obama losing nominees left and right, 3 more withdraw from running

  1. I’m waiting for someone (besides Gregg) to resign or drop out over policy disputes. I’d like to see Larry Summers throw in the towel. He can’t be liking the New Way economic fantasizing.

  2. Well, I stand qualified, if not corrected. Per a Financial Times article

    Widely seen as being among the most pro-market voices in the White House, having been Bill Clinton’s last Treasury secretary in the 1990s, Mr Summers said the view that the market was inherently self-stabilising had been “dealt a fatal blow”.

    He’s better than this. Must be scripted, but still suggests he’s sold out.

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