Lower wages, Higher Taxes and Less Money….

Sounds almost like a song I’ve heard in the past, the words has been change to protect the innocent.

With “no end in sight” for U.S. job losses amid a recession that could stretch into 2010, American workers will soon have to contend with another blow to their confidence: stagnant, or even falling wages.

Job seekers already coping with the highest unemployment rate in a quarter century, their savings mugged by a plunging stock market can also expect lower pay once they land a new job, labor market experts say, because the current downturn shows no signs of turning around anytime soon.

“There’s no end in sight,” said Tig Gilliam, chief executive of Adecco Group North America, the third-largest U.S. employer behind Wal-Mart Stores and the postal service.

Lower wages, in turn, could further erode the outlook for the U.S. economy by hurting consumers’ spending power……Keep Reading here

The heading for this post would sound better this way:
Higher Wages, Lower Taxes and More Money which will will not see under the Obama rules!


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  1. rjjrdq Sorry to hear about the cut. But, as the old Stoics used to say, either the recession will end, or the Obama regime will end.

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