Tax Day Tea Party rallies protests set to happen on April 15th, 2009 – 22 Georgia State Legislators Fail To Pay Taxes

Calling on all Bloggers, Conservatives, Republicans or Democrats that wants the big useless spending to stop in Washington to help get the information on these Tea Party Rallies out to the people. Blog, put ad’s in your local newspapers and email people! But get the news out!

“Chicago Tea Party” Rallies, many of the organizers are now working to develop an even larger day of protests set to happen on April 15th, 2009. These are called “Tax Day Tea Party”
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Tax Day Tea Party rallies

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Newt Gingrich Endorses April 15th Tea Party Protests

22 Georgia State Legislators Fail To Pay Taxes

More than 19 legislators have failed to pay income taxes, some for several years.

Brown, D, macon, said Wednesday he’s not sure whether he actually owes the state or federal government any money because he hasn’t filed tax returns.

He told Atlanta station WXIA-TV that he had not filed his income taxes at least in the past two years
discovery late last week that 19 legislators had failed to pay income taxes, some for several years. Those legislators have not been identified, due to Georgia Department of Revenue and federal Internal Revenue Service privacy policies. But a list, without names, was prepared and given to the chairmen of the House and Senate ethics committees, at their request, Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham said.
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The American people need to come together and let their voices be heard loud and clear. From the President, congress and down to our State and local leaders work for us and We The American People have the say and own the White House and this government needs to be told that we’re tired of the useless spending and bankrupting our great Nation!

Its Time For A Tea Party At Our White House!


(1) Finally, a show of cojones: Senate GOP forces delay on omni-pork bill


10 comments on “Tax Day Tea Party rallies protests set to happen on April 15th, 2009 – 22 Georgia State Legislators Fail To Pay Taxes

  1. Kind of interesting reporting. 22 lawmakers with delinquent taxes, 3 are Democrats, and the other 19 names haven’t been released?

    My hunch is that there are very few Whigs on that list, so there’s probably a few democrats and Republicans left to be named.

    And, of course, as always, goodtimepolitics is right on the money: any sane observer would have to blame President Barack Obama for the alleged wrongdoings of Georgia state legislators.

  2. You can contact
    Travis Fain –
    Who wrote the story for Macon very easy there larrys! Maybe you should read what it said first and then read the comments!

    Then go to my post ” 3 House Dems owe back taxes (Tea Party Anyone?)” and you will see Democrat and all Black!

  3. I read the underlying AP account. It said that the other 19 were as yet unidentified.

    And thanks for unnecessarily playing that race card again, AGAIN, goodtimepolitics. Better get that white robe and hood ironed for tonight’s Klonvocation!

  4. larrys you might threaten other people but you are stupid if you think your Obama mouth can threaten this middle class white working class American! Why don’t you pull yourself together and act like a person that cares about his country where you do or not! Get over your attacks on this blog now!

  5. larrys, You assumed GTP usewd the race card, he didn’t come out and say a thing. QUIT BEING AN A**! You forced GTP to use the race card in reply thanks to your idocy.

  6. Nice blog, jcscuba. Looks like you’ve been at it for a while now, but I don’t guess I ever ran across it.

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m adding you to my blog roll you are doing a great job. Jim

  8. Yes, jcscuba, great blog. There’s a lot of info there! Thank you for taking the time to put it together!

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