Glenn Beck strikes ratings gold by challenging Barack Obama

Glenn Beck, the conservative commentator who moved from CNN to Fox News last year, has had impressive viewer numbers.

Glenn Beck the third most-watched program in all of cable news for the month, after Bill O’Reilly’s and Sean Hannity’s evening shows.

He believes he knows why viewers are tuning in: “People know in their gut that something’s not right. They’re not getting the truth.”

“I think we’ve been doing a very good job of trying to point out some things that maybe some other news organizations haven’t pointed out,” said Bill Shine, the network’s senior vice president of programming. “We’re kind of looking for things that people aren’t being told.”
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Way to go Glenn, these liberals and their president Obama don’t want We The People to know anything! But We The People are not dumb and can see that something just isn’t right about what Obama is doing to this country!