Could St. Louis lose its Catholic hospitals under new federal abortion legislation?

A proposed bill promising major changes in the U.S. abortion landscape has Roman Catholic bishops threatening to close Catholic hospitals if the Democratic Congress and White House make it law.
The legislation has some Roman Catholic bishops threatening to shutter the country’s 624 Catholic hospitals — including 11 in the Archdiocese of St. Louis — rather than comply.
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This sure would hurt the healthcare in America.


4 comments on “Could St. Louis lose its Catholic hospitals under new federal abortion legislation?

  1. According to the CHA, Catholic hospitals make up 13 percent of the country’s nearly 5,000 hospitals, and employ more than 600,000 people. CHA says one of every six Americans hospitalized in the United States is cared for in a Catholic hospital.

    There’s a possibility, at least, of the Church shutting them all down. But FOCA, if passed, would probably face a string of court tests, and the article makes it sound like some Catholic hospitals may just ignore the law in the meantime.

    We’ll be seeing a lot of that as time goes on — Catholic health care workers ignoring the New Way abortion regime, state governments ignoring New Way gun control regime, Democratic officials neglecting to pay their taxes ….

  2. The hospitals make the church money. They ain’t closing them down. It’s a bluff.

    goodtimepolitics: Wrong again larrys! Don’t you get tired of protecting and lying for your BOY Obama? You sure think you know everything when in fact you’re not very smart at all. Go to school and learn a job larrys!

  3. The churches have every right to shut those hospitals down. Is Obama that stupid that he would go after them? He makes exemptions left and right anyway.

  4. Interesting.

    Lefties always misread the First Amendment(they’re probably taught to misread it by history teachers like diogenes, in the government schools). It wasn’t designed to protect the state from the church. It was designed to protect the church from the state.

    Anyhow, combine progressives’ hatred for the (big C) Church, in particular, and their universal statism, and you have CT legislators threatening to take Church government away from the bishops, who’ve been doing the job for two millenia now, with occasional interruptions by one tyrant or another. Nice.

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