3 House Dems owe back taxes (Tea Party Anyone?)

Three House Democrats are among the 22 lawmakers delinquent on their taxes according to tax records.

State Reps. Al Williams, Winfred Dukes and Roberta Abdul Salaam were listed in the Department of Revenue records as owing taxes. Williams and Dukes both said they have done nothing wrong.

al-williamsWilliams, D-Midway, called the allegations he owed more than $42,000 in taxes “crap” and said his accountant concluded the state actually owes him $400.

winfred-dukesDukes, D-Albany, said he sent a check for $828.70 Thursday morning. He called it a “misunderstanding” over unearned income that wasn’t reported.

roberta-abdul-salaamSalaam, a Riverdale Democrat who owes more than $600, was not at the Legislature Thursday and could not immediately be reached for comment. Read More

Brown says he hasn’t filed federal, state taxes in 2 years

robert-brownRobert Brown said Wednesday he’s not sure whether he actually owes the state or federal government any money because he hasn’t filed tax returns. Read More

Obama said that he was going after the tax dodgers, well like I said in an earlier post, he needs to start with the White House and work down to the State Reps.!


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4 comments on “3 House Dems owe back taxes (Tea Party Anyone?)

  1. Out of 22 lawmakers must of only been 3 or 4 that really was owing back taxes in the excess! Guess what all the ones that are listed as owing is Democrats!

  2. “Revenue officials recently released a report to legislative leaders showing that 19 other legislators —-16 in the House and 3 in the Senate —- have not filed state income tax returns, some of them for six years. The names were redacted and have not been released because the information is still considered confidential until the individuals are given a chance to respond to revenue officials. Graham said the list contains the names of Republicans and Democrats.”


  3. Current rules allow the release of lawmakers’ names if the state has placed a lien on their possessions to recoup taxes. But that process can often take months

    And larrys if and when they release the other names ones they decide if they’re guilty of failing to pay taxes or not I will post them as well…..did you look at those pictures of the three or four that is listed? Those 4 does not set a good example for Obama do they?

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