UPDATE: State Sovereignty Movement – 31 & Counting!

Here below is a site where you may find more information on different protest around the country..maybe they are coming together into one unit, lets hope!

Tax Day Tea Party
Online HQ for the April 15th Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Rallies…
Welcome to the Tax Day Tea Party Planning HQ
Building upon the success of the February 27th “Chicago Tea Party” Rallies, many of the organizers are now working to develop an even larger day of protests set to happen on April 15th, 2009.

These protests are known as the Tax Day Tea Party rallies.

Our goal with this website is to try and help pull a lot of the Tea Party event organization in to one easy to navigate and user friendly place on the web. We learned, after much feedback, that one of the biggest frustrations was the difficulty in finding information. Our hope is that this website will solve a lot of these problems.
Go to Tax Day Tea Party Online HQ Taxdayparty looks to be from this site.

Looks to me like all these groups could come together without a problem if only the leaders contact each other!

I was asked to get this information out to the readers and so here it is!

31 States already are, are now claiming, or are planning for declaration of sovereignty.
Will you and your friends please take a moment and sign these petitions and pass them on to others to sign?
> Online petition – Petition for Delaware to Reclaim its sovereignty
> Online petition – A Petition for North Carolina to Pass a Sovereignty Resolution
> Online petition – Petition for the State of West Virginia Reaffirm Sovereignty


Total Signatures: 306,275

All groups that are protesting different issues need to come together as one unit, then and only then will we have the power to get things done in congress. There is the States sovereignty issue groups, the spending bills groups and the Obama Birth Cert proof groups! Now if all could come together would be quite a large group of protesters!


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5 comments on “UPDATE: State Sovereignty Movement – 31 & Counting!

  1. we must hang together or all hang separetely.state sovereignity,spending issues,birth certificate and etc. lets get under one umbrella, “tea party” or some other name,but we must band together.strength is in numbers. i am open for suggestions, comments.

  2. My suggestion is that the founder or leaders of these groups need to be getting in touch with each other and start working together!

  3. This is all well and good, expect that this state sovereignty is unnecessary, and another one of those “shut up” moves by the state legislatures rather than doing what they need to do in order to curtail the federal government and act as “representatives” of the people rather than “agents” of the feds. In Article IV, Section 4 it already asserts the “sovereignty” of the states by “guaranteeing to each state a Republican form of government,” and the Tenth Amendment already reinforces that any and all powers not given to the federal government rest with the states and the people.

    This is redundancy, and will serve no purpose unless and until the states actually start suing the federal government for “lack of performance” when they don’t provide the revenue or resources for the enumerated powers, or start filing “injunctions” when they overstep their powers and start forcing the state’s and people to cowtow to their unconstitutional edicts.

    This is nothing more than a move in “word” that will not be enforced by “deed,” unless more energy is put into confronting the state legislators also on the “negligence” in doing their proscribed functions when the feds are either out of line, or themselves negligent in their duties.

    Nothing more than more bureaucracy and looking like they are doing something, when actually doing nothing at all.

  4. The citizens need to get on the lawmakers to enforce state soverighty and save the constition and bill of rights. Just words don’t protect nothing. Action does. When PearlHarbor was attacked we stand together and went to stop agression, dictators. Weare at war now with a dictator like Hitler and others the same way. Veterns nows what to do and that is to fight for freedom or loose all to tyranny government. Did our veterns fight for nothing to save families and country? I hope americans will come to reason and not seat on couch’s and day dream thinking all will go away. If you do than you are no better than a coward and a disgraceful to your own family and country. Just what do you stand for? Freedom or slavery? The choice is yours and hope it be for the right reason. Every american should stand together to fight with the right ammo to stop this kind of tyranny government and a treason president. Is our so-called judges payed to stop the process of rights of others involved, Just what are they defending Obama. Judges, your day is coming and it will be your family to pay the price you’l done to america. Yes, I’m a soldier of psast war and I know the price of freedom. Either we stand together or we all fall. If we fall it would because we didn’t care about america. Don’t we love america and america loves us? We must work together to defeat the enemy at all cost,

  5. Americas is a waiting for an answer from the law makers of there state when to fight for fredom. Don’t wait to long, America is at war for it’s very servival. State soverighty is the answer and a prayer from above to help us.

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