Angry (taxpayers) citizens open fire Lawrence City Hall

From the bullet that smashed through a Lawrence City Hall window to stinking fishes flung at the Gloucester mayor’s home.
“In this budget climate, we’re all faced with cutting jobs, people’s livelihoods,” Kirk said. “It makes a mayor a target.”

Meanwhile, at a gas station on Old Colony Avenue yesterday, State Rep. Brian Wallace (D-South Boston) got an earful from a man incensed about Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposed 19-cent gas tax hike.

“It’s gotten worse,” said Wallace, who also gets blistering e-mails from constituents. “It’s taken a different tone, an edge. People are stretched to the limit.”

Geoff Beckwith, executive director of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, fears that the anger could morph into violence as the economic crisis deepens….Read More

What does the government expect from the people when Obama is giving billions of dollars to banks that the CEO then has big parties with while the American people are hurting trying to provide for their families.

Gas tax hike protested at State House
Boston drivers cruising past the Statehouse today honked horns in opposition to a proposed 19-cent gasoline tax increase, as the governor tried to ease fears that the hike would run tandem with toll increases on the Massachusetts turnpike.
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Can anyone say Tax and Spend Liberals?