Palin leads GOP presidential poll


Republican contenders for president in 2012 gather at a Washington conference, a new poll finding released today found that three are ahead of the pack.
#1 Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
#2 former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
#3 former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
#4 Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Which one do you think would be best and which one do you like the least? Or maybe there someone not listed that you like better?


6 comments on “Palin leads GOP presidential poll

  1. Yep! I think I would like to see Mitt Romney in the primaries with another shot at running for president!

  2. Its a while yet to 2012 but I think we will see Sarah Palin and Romney both in the primaries and who knows we could see someone step up called an unknown that we might like! I like Sarah, but I don’t think she can get the total backings of the conservatives but maybe by 2012 that opinion could change!

  3. Huckabee’s a terrific campaigner, but I don’t much trust him on the issues. Just fine with Palin, Romney, and Jindal.

  4. I heard that Mitt Romney won the CPAC’s straw poll today. He is in first place and Jindal in second place. Don’t know about Palin.

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