Banks Shut Down in Illinois and Nevada

Regulators on Friday closed Heritage Community Bank in Illinois, and Security Savings Bank in Nevada, marking 16 failures this year of federally insured institutions.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was appointed the receiver of the banks.
On Friday, the government announced plans to increase its stake in beleaguered Citigroup Inc. to as much as 36 percent by converting its preferred stock to common stock. While the conversion will dilute current shareholders’ investments.
Still, the news offered little comfort to investors who are worried about the stability of other banks.
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Obama keeps spending and banks keep failing, don’t he see that this is going in the wrong direction? Need to stop spending, cut taxes on the working people and do away with capital gain tax or at least cut it in half. If he want to spend we need to replace alot of military equipment and that would be more jobs, and we could use at least a 100,000 more troops in the military. By the way where is he going to find jobs for the NG troops he’s pulling out of Iraq?


2 comments on “Banks Shut Down in Illinois and Nevada

  1. On the bank failures, where was the oversight by regulators, this is now his he can’t continue to blame what he “inherited from Bush”. On the troops, I agree we need more. On where is Osama going to find jobs for them when “it” brings them home, well he is bringing them “home” to Afghanistan, not the U. S. I saw a bumper sticker today that says it all (1/20/13 THE END OF AN ERROR) let’s make it happen.
    Bob A.

  2. There is around 300,000 troops in Iraq, he is leaving 50,000 there and he may put another 20 or 30,000 in Afghanistan but then that leaves at least 200,000 coming home and many of those are weekend NG troops that have to be gave their jobs they left back and that means someone will lose a job where they have been filling in for the ones that went to Iraq! Thats alot of jobs that Obama needs!

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