Hamas slipped note to Obama via senator Kerry ( Obama gives $900 million package to Hamas)


Islamic fundamentalist group Hamas passed Sen. John Kerry a letter for President Obama while Kerry visited Gaza on Thursday, senior State Department officials said.
Frederick Jones, the committee’s communications director, told CNN at the end of Kerry’s meeting with UNRWA chief Karen Abu Zayed that “she handed [Kerry] a letter addressed to the president of the United States along with other materials.”

The U.S. considers Hamas a terrorist organization and has no contact with the organization. Read More

And then Obama…..

U.S. aid for Gaza reconstruction will be “substantial,” a State Department official told FOX News Tuesday after reports that the Obama administration plans to designate at least $900 million to rebuild the war-ravaged strip controlled by the U.S.-designated terror group Hamas. Read More

Please someone tell me who side is Obama on Israel and America or Hamas the terrorist? At a time our economy is in a melt down and we’re having to borrow trillions from China to bale out the banks (or buy the banks) Obama can give $900 million to a terrorist group? Then Obama needs to quit complaining about the cost of the Iraq war and stop his blaming President G.W. Bush! I can not for the life of me see how anyone can care about the American people and do such a thing! This great Nation is being bankrupt by its own government!

People speak out and let your voice be heard by Obama and the Democrat control Congress!

Agree or not agree?


(1) The Obama speech: “Many hours before he had uttered a word”


4 comments on “Hamas slipped note to Obama via senator Kerry ( Obama gives $900 million package to Hamas)

  1. Lets not forget that Obama had his staff talking to Hamas back during his campaign and now I’m wondering what they could have been talking about. Plus last night in his speech he said that he would be cutting defense military spending. Then he has release a terrorist from Gitmo and maybe will be releasing more of them. At the same time he is running this country’s debt up at a neck breaking speed. Something just does not look right to me!
    Does anyone have an answer for a good reason for Obama to be doing all the above?

    Then Obama said he will be pulling most all our troops out of Iraq. How many troops will be coming home and those that are not reg military will be needing jobs when they come home.

  2. I also posted on this yesterday. WTF? It surely will be over a billion before they get done. And worse it will be handled by the UN. It would be bad enough if our own inept politicians were handling it but the UN? Is the start of Obama handing our independence to the NWO?

  3. Oh, here we go again Obama in 2006 in KENYA to PROTECT TALIBAN and AL-QUAIDA from being prosecuted for their terrorist activities to anyone including the USA BY installing the SHARIA LAW. INCIDENTALLY the SAME SHARIA LAW/ISLAM law that has been recently “agreed” to in PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN. NOW he’s here and want’s to make sure the TALIBAN and AL-QUIDA don’t get caught
    1. Obama’s church just recently re-printed the HAMA’S manifesto and Obama doesn’t denounce it.

    2. Obama wants to DROP CHARGES against TERRORISTS by claiming they should get a slap on the wrist and sign a useless piece of paper that says they won’t do terrorism again BECAUSE he and ACLU thinks American’s are too stupid to notice that every treaty taliban al-quaida and terrorists have signed with Pakistan HAVE BEEN BROKEN by everyone of the terrorists So,

    3. he wants to FORCE the USA to try them in PUBLIC courts where every FBI AND CIA identities, networks, contacts and how they get their info is laid bare for every terrorist in the book to take note of and know about–which means PEOPLE there will be NO ABILITY FOR THE USA to protect ITSELF OR anyone else. Thereby accomplishing Obama’s goals of making sure NO ONE CATCHES his taliban, and Al-quida or any other terrorist in the book.

    NO wonder the all the terrorists gave their blessing to OBAMA to the elections and made sure they HID the LA SUN TIMES video and distracted the public with all that palin nudity video(yawn) taken forever ago–so no one would notice the LA SUN VIDEO showed US BRITISH AND JEWS being beheaded by al-quida and taliban.

    4. Now WASH DC even though warned by the FBI that CAIR are indeed un-indicted co-conspirators in terrorism against US. WASH DC has made it clear THEY DON’T CARE about we the people being protected so WASH DC went ahead and had 80 meetings in 2 days even though they were warned to NOT do so.

    5. WANT to know what one of OBAMA’S biggest complaints is about the USA???–That the SUPREME COURT will NOT OVERRIDE the will of the people to do what OBAMA or any DICTATOR would want them to do AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE.

    Don’t believe it??? Well, Melanie Phillips did a whole expose on the topic.

    6. Now, the latest?? Obama wants to LEGALIZE Marijuana so that his “buddies’ taliban and al-quaida can expand their financial horizons into the the USA at the expense of once again; the PUBLICS health, safety, and freedom.

    7. Obama and DEMS ramble on endlessly about GITMO AND ABU GHRABU but yet the AL-QUIDA TORTURE manual which was confiscated by USA in iraq which contains torture so hideous it violates every convention law on the glob YET Obama and DEMS don’t denounce it and want it hidden from the public.

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