Three out of four Americans fearful about state of country according to CNN poll ($410 billion omnibus spending bill)

A new national poll indicates that nearly three out of four Americans are scared about the way things are going in the country today.

Seventy-three percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Monday say they’re very or somewhat scared about the way things are going in the United States. That’s six points higher than in an October poll.

Nearly eight in 10 say things are going badly in the country, with just 21 percent suggesting that things are going well. The survey also says that three out of four Americans are angry about the way things are going in the country. But three out of four questioned say that things are going well for them personally. Read More

And the Democrats keep up their spending!

Congress is poised later this week to approve a $410 billion omnibus spending bill to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends Oct. 1.

House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, R-Ind., called that bill “the largest increase in discretionary spending since the Carter administration.” He added that he’d be happy with the Democratic leadership punting the omnibus bill and allowing the government to continue to run at last year’s levels.

Pence noted, however, that the GOP has two “non-negotiables” on the budget — funding cuts for troops and tax increases.

Republicans say that they welcomed statements from Democratic leaders “expressing the need for fiscal restraint.” But Democrats appear to have already rejected the GOP proposal. Read More

Obama are you listening to the people…three our of four is not happy about the path the country is on. I don’t think we like your socialist plans and all the spending of our hard earned tax money.

Its time now to call, email, write snail mail or even visit your congressmen letting them know that we are tired of our money being spend at such a fast rate and for nothing!  Don’t wait until the day congress votes to contact congressmen, get with it today so they will have time for your message to soak into that thick head they have! 


(1) And the perfect metaphor for the Obama stock market plunge
By Michelle Malkin
All the major indexes slid more than 3 percent. The Dow is just over 100 points from 7,000.
“People left and right are throwing in the towel,” said Keith Springer, president of Capital Financial Advisory Services.


Obama Taps Biden to Oversee Stimulus Package
Obama has turned to his own vice president to oversee implementation of the $787 billion economic stimulus package.
“The fact that I’m asking my vice president to personally lead this effort shows how important it is for our country and future to get this right,” he said.
Read More

Lord help us, the country is now in deep trouble with Biden at the helm. Biden is so dumb that he does not understand why Obama put him in charge of the economic stimulus package. Well I have news for you Biden, Obama will need someone to blame for its failure, you have been chosen by the GREAT ONE to fall for him!

And now here how States will spend stimulus money!

The state of Washington sent out $1 checks to the 250,000 food stamp recipients in the state.

A commenter notes: “Well bulk rate is about 26 cents. Envelop another 5-10 cents. Plus printing at 5-10 cents a copy. Plus handling. I’m sure [the cost to send the checks] was as much if not more then the food stamps.”
Read More

Now we really do need larrys to pick up the ….oh well might be to much for him to handle!


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  1. And it stinks! We going to need many Sham WoWs!
    Call larrys with his shovel and scoop to clean up behind Barackacrack and sidekick Bidenasane!

  2. Now that I updated the post, check to see how States will spend the money they get. You will then know where we’re at on this path to never never land!

  3. Of course you noticed that Obama said the reason he appointed Biden to oversee this is that nobody messes with Joe!


  4. You know, on second thought, this “don’t mess with Joe” business is sort of annoying. I didn’t watch the speech (our Teleprompter Jesus bores me to tears), but, reading the reviews, I get the feeling Obama delivered the line in a snarky, condescending tone that he’s used before with Biden. Now, Biden is a boob, but the fact that POTUS used his (not) State of the Union to invite Congress and the viewing audience to laugh at the guy he chose for his running mate is disturbing, and part of a pattern. Giving Hillary the finger, calling Palin a pig, chuckling with billionaires at the clingy antics of the backward masses — childish. Obama has a psychiatrist’s waiting room full of resentments and neuroses, and I suspect that what appealed to him most about the radicals he’s hung with over the years is the comforting superiority conferred by being in with the crowd that was in with History and Social Justice. I know these people, having myself spent far too much time in school. Some are genuinely deluded but mean no harm. Others are seekers after a simpler religion — state worship. Most are merely status seekers, and that includes Obama. A glib mediocrity, magna cum affirmative action in school, innocent of useful knowledge, without executive talent, but he knows how to mock the infidels, and even the insufficiently enlightened on his own team, and that’s what matters. We see this sort of thing here on this blog, where people who are bested in argument, or simply out of gas, start mocking spelling. Kid stuff. Nasty, really. We are now ruled by the Party of Nasty Children.

  5. larrys out of gas…..(see larrys above comment) not much to say! Can you say tax and spend liberals larrys? LOL

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