Glenn Greenwald is Worried About Angry White Racist Militias (Bitter Small Town Americans)


Glenn Greenwald of seems to think that Bill Clinton’s nonexistent boogie men, “the militias,” are back. Why are they back? Because all white people are angry, racists that are mad that Obama got elected, of course. What else could have dredged up this fantasy from the depths of the liberal’s worst nightmares of the 1990s?
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We are mad, but its because of the policies of Obama plus his big spending of our tax money. Why should we not be mad?


11 comments on “Glenn Greenwald is Worried About Angry White Racist Militias (Bitter Small Town Americans)

  1. I think the Left is slightly rattled by the prospect of a tax revolt. The plan is for us to endure quietly as the Remake America crew “harass our people and eat out their substance.” Angry, vocal, large-scale opposition was not in the script at this point.

  2. People are angry, but not racist angry towards Obama! Its just the far left liberals trying to play the old Obama race cards still again.

  3. Yes, and the race card is less effective every time it’s played.

    Maybe the Left was looking forward to being able to frame all disputes in terms of black and white. Instead, it’s looking like freedom and tyranny are the two sides you get to choose from.

  4. Have you notice all along when Obama is having a tough time with the American people being against him the old race card comes out? He must be having a hard time knowing that his ratings are falling and there are protesters on his case!

    This story here and the rebel one by CNN is almost out at the same time! LOL

  5. The race card is getting old. What happened to the “end of racism now that we have a ‘black’ president”!? I heard that all over the place after HE won. It looks like all it did was change the direction of the racism. It’s not just “whitey” that’s gathering for those “tea parties”. It’s everyone that has the potential for getting screwed. People in general are unhappy, his disapproval rating went up from 12% to 24%, with an overall approval rating of 63%. He’s losing support fast. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to speak, or should have their lips sewn shut. We need to retire that race card!

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