UPDATED 22 FEB – Anti-Stimulus Protests Sprout Up, thanks to Amanda Grosserode with the help of Michelle Malkin (Breaking News)


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Holding signs reading “Stimulate Business, Not Government,” “Families Against Porkulus” and “Say No To Generational Theft,” protesters opposed to the $787 billion stimulus package have been mobilizing across the country.

The organizer of the Kansas protest, Amanda Grosserode, calls herself a home-schooling mom who is “fed up” with the spending in Washington. She has been a member of Fair Tax Kansas City since last fall.

“My husband and I were feeling frustrated that the stimulus had passed with very little debate and no one had read it,” she told IBD. “I said, ‘We need to do something.’ ”

She began contacting family and friends, and eventually received attention via Fair Tax Kansas City and local talk radio.

Grosserode received considerably more publicity after e-mailing popular conservative commentator and blogger Michelle Malkin.

“I think the taxpayer revolt is the new counterculture,” said Malkin, who has been publicizing the protests on her blog. “People want to stand up and say, ‘Hey, I’m paying for that, I do not support that.’ ”

Malkin, who lives near Denver, attended the Mile High City protest, which also involved conservative groups like the Independence Institute, a Colorado think tank.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., is already taking heat for providing one of the three critical GOP votes for the stimulus. Some voters interrupted his press conference in Cranberry, Pa., on Thursday.

Another protest was planned for Saturday outside the office of Rep. Dennis Moore in Overland Park, Kan. The Democrat voted for the stimulus. His office didn’t return calls seeking comment.

Malkin sees an opportunity.

“It’s time to adopt some tactics of the left,” she said. “Community organizing helped propel Obama to the White House, surely it could do something for fiscal conservatism.” Read More


750 in Overland Park brave cold, wind to protest stimulus, pork (photo essay)

Perhaps 750 braved windy, 23-degree weather in Overland Park to protest the pork in the stimulus. Liberty-minded, free-market Americans met outside of Congressman Dennis Moore’s Office in Overland Park to protest his votes to waste tax dollars.

Michelle Malkin’s web site first announced this event on Thursday. Read More

This blogger has his hat off for these two ladies for all they have done to wake-up people to what is going on in this country. Keep up the good work ladies and lets hope many more Americans will join you!


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4 comments on “UPDATED 22 FEB – Anti-Stimulus Protests Sprout Up, thanks to Amanda Grosserode with the help of Michelle Malkin (Breaking News)

  1. This is kind of interesting. Richard Shelby (R-AL) addressed the Obama eligibility issue at a talk back home. He seems to have been cracking wise, but the Organs of Truth jumped him immediately. Here’s the item in the blog of Politico’s “Useless Ben” Smith.


    Now, Smith’s assertion that the birth certificate rumors have been debunked is false, and I suspect Smith knows this. What’s interesting is that Shelby mentioned the issue at all, evidently abandoning, however briefly, the strange reticence that seems to be the rule for pretty much everyone at high federal levels. I’ve already contacted Shelby’s office and suggested he run with this. Maybe if he gets enough positive feedback (no senator follows this stuff if his staff tell him bloggers are nuts), then we’ll start to see cracks here and there in the Cone of Silence.


  2. Note that the “debunking” rests on two claims.

    1) AP claims that Hawaiian officials have confirmed Obie’s Hawaiian birth. They have not — a suggestive omission. They have confirmed that they have the original birth certificate on file. Since you can be born, say, in Kenya, and still acquire a Hawaiian birth certificate, it does not follow from the existence of a birth certificate that Obama was born in Hawaii.

    2) It is claimed that FactCheck.org has viewed the original birth certificate. They have not. They may have viewed a certified copy of the “Certification of Life Birth” that appears on their website, which document is no more reliable than any other fill-in-the-blanks computerized printout and is most definitely not the original birth certificate.

    The fact that Obama is going to great lengths to deny the public the details of his birth strongly suggests that he is hiding something, very possibly his lack of Constitutional qualifications for office.

  3. Re “dark secrets,” at first I figured O was hiding something embarrassing but trivial, like being born “Barry Dunham,” say. Then, after he kept up the stonewalling, I figured it must be something more seriously embarrassing, like an OW birth, maybe with a different father listed. But the really epic stonewalling that’s going on now makes me think that he really is Kenyan “at birth.”

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