Earmark Scandal Breaking, 42 Republicans and 62 Democrats

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I posted this a few weeks ago!

Raid Alert, Raid Alert: Feds Narrowing In On Companies With Ties To MurthaFebruary 10, 2009 ·


5 comments on “Earmark Scandal Breaking, 42 Republicans and 62 Democrats

  1. It all just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

    Obama, Murtha, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid,….etc.

    All of this liberal shenanigans just reinforce that notion that Americans have been dumbed down by our big union education system.

    Otherwise Americans would know the difference between Capitalism and Socialism, Integrity and Sleazy, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong.

    But unfortunately we conservatives gave the school system over to the left many many years ago. It will take generations to win back the hearts and minds of our youth to traditional American Ideals.

    Thanks for the space,

  2. All politicians need to be honest about earmarks being tucked into the endnotes of bills that are being passed and admit that they do exist. To deny their existence is lying.

    riggword mentioned the key word – integrity
    our politicians need to have the intestinal fortitude to say no to the earmarks and take a stand against them.

    We need to remind the politicians that they work for us, the American people.

  3. Including the President, which should veto all earmarks that is not for the good of the people and country. The president and congress members should read every word in a bill before voting!

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