Rep. Waxman Wants to Apply Censorship Doctrine to Internet! (He wants to WAX BLOGGERS)


If Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) is not trying to investigate conservatives , he is trying to squelch their voices.  Waxman has jumped into the so-called Fairness Doctrine discussion as of late.  Waxman, however, has added another dimension to the issue…the internet

Waxman is also interested, say sources, in looking at how the Internet is being used for content and free speech purposes. Read More

Bloggers I suggest you click on the source Read More above and read about this so that you will be prepared to fight for your rights! Talk about taking away freedom of speech, and guess what you Obama supporters voted for your rights to be taken away!


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(2) Representative Ron Paul, Congressman Paul, Texas, Natural Born Citizen, Obama ineligible, US Constitution, Electoral College votes, Constitutional government, Voting record, Patriotism, Abuse of power, Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers??


4 comments on “Rep. Waxman Wants to Apply Censorship Doctrine to Internet! (He wants to WAX BLOGGERS)

  1. In addition to “fairness,” terms to watch out for include “diversity,” “alternative views,” “advisory boards,” “community needs,” “oversight,” “competing interests,” “balance,” “accountability,” “dialogue.”

    The Obama has stated that he opposes re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine, but, as is always the case when the Obama goes on record, his statement means nothing. The new Fairness Doctrine will masquerade as something else — attending to “community needs,” say. Keep in mind that the Obama’s campaign featured massive action to shut down radio shows, threatening TV stations with lawsuits, and assigning “truth squads” of local officials to intimidate opponents. The Obama is no friend of free speech, nor of any kind of freedom.

  2. There is a bill before the NC legislature- S-46 concerning controls on bloggers and perhaps even making them subject to libel and slander laws because they (blogs) are just out of control.

  3. We have to remember that our State of North Carolina went for Obama and so we should expect such a thing from the democrats here! I’m happy to say that I did not vote for even one democrat!

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