Barack Obama Plans To Dramatic Reduce Nuclear Arsenal (Dangerous?)


If he has his way, President Barack Obama will dramatically change the nuclear weapons policy of the U.S. – leaving behind Cold War doctrine and looking to a model of a minimal nuclear arsenal — just ominous enough to do the job of deterrence.

“This is not just a decision about the future of U.S. nuclear weapons, but about how the United States will address the challenges of … nuclear terrorism, nuclear proliferation and our entire 21st-century nuclear strategy,” Clark Murdock,

During the campaign, Obama pledged: “As president, I will set a new direction in nuclear weapons policy and show the world that America believes in its existing commitment under the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) to work to ultimately eliminate all nuclear weapons.”

President Obama has a tough row to hoe with this promise. It’s a brave new dangerous world out there.
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Obama will put this country in danger of an attack before his term is over.