States look to booze for shots to economy ( Drink Up And Save The Country)

Utah is the only state that requires people to fill out an application and pay a fee before entering a bar.
But the shelf life of this law — enacted 40 years ago in a state where nearly two out of three residents are members of a religion that shuns drinking — appears to be dwindling.

In Utah, and across the country, governors and lawmakers faced with budget deficits are advocating loosening laws that restrict alcohol consumption in the hopes of boosting tax revenues. Read More

Barack Obama will drive anyone to start drinking alcohol. Maybe we should start back making “moon shine” which would be tax free. That is one big pile of (see link below) pork-rinds.


(1) 1,500 bags of pork rinds for Schmucky By Michelle Malkin
Guess what? Conway’s call produced a mountain — an estimated 1,500 pork rind bags that will be packed up and delivered to the Schmuckster’s office.