Obama’s Revenge

Joan Swirsky: Once upon a time, a white teenager from Kansas got pregnant by her black Kenyan boyfriend, Barack Obama Sr., or was it her husband? Whatever. (I say no whatever because we’ve never seen either marriage or divorce certificates).

Some say the couple was in Kenya visiting relatives when the birth of their son, Barack Obama Jr., occurred. No matter. (I say no matter because we’ve never seen an authentic birth certificate). By the time the baby was two years old his father abandoned him for his other wife and child in Kenya.

I wonder how toddler Barry felt when his father left him, and never reappeared until a single time when the boy was 10. Bewildered? Sad? Lonely? Angry? What do two-year-olds do with those feelings?

It didn’t take long for Barry’s mother to meet and marry an Indonesian native named Lolo Soetoro. They moved to Indonesia, where her child became Barry Soetoro, took on Indonesian citizenship, and was presumably schooled in public, Christian, and Muslim schools. (I say presumably because we’ve never seen those school records). But when Barry was 10 years old, his mother sent him back to the U.S. to be raised by her parents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, although she kept her baby daughter Maya Soetoro with her.

I wonder how the by-now fully-sentient young Barry felt when his mother sent him packing. Sad? Jealous of the baby who remained behind with mommy? Confused and dizzy by the disparate cultures – languages, customs, foods, sights, sounds, schooling – he had experienced? Resentful? What did Barry do with those feelings? Read much more click here

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Then let me ask! Is Obama taking Revenge on America?
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3 comments on “Obama’s Revenge

  1. Swirsky’s is a fair assessment, and I think that, where she’s filling in blanks in the record, she’s doing a mostly plausible job. I have not, though, seen evidence of an Obama booster network that rises to the level of conspiracy. It’s more complicated and less sinister than that, I think.

    Having said that, I also have to say that 1) insofar as Obama has political ideals, they are hard core Marxist-Leninist, with a 60’s coat of ethnic resentment, and 2) he’s the most pyschologically fragile president we’ve ever had. He’s going to end up making Nixon look like a model of serenity and solidity; and Nixon, at least, was a serious, competent man and a patriot, while Obama is a flibbertigibbet and a hater of the USA.

    Good article.

  2. Many thought the article was excellent or at least there were many viewers of it today and they made it my blog’s number one post! I wish more of the readers had made comments to how they felt about it!

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