UPDATED 15 FEB Video – Tennessee lawmakers lend names to Obama citizenship lawsuit

Several Tennessee lawmakers have signed onto a legal action intended to force President Barack to turn over his birth certificate and other documents to prove his citizenship, an effort already rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in another case.

Tennessee Reps. Eric Swafford, Stacey Campfield, Glen Casada and Frank Nicely have all agreed to be plaintiffs in future legal action from a Russian immigrant in California who has challenged whether Obama meets constitutional criteria to be president.

The lawsuit from the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, which has not yet been filed, will be among several court challenges to Obama’s citizenship. Read More


Obama wants to spy on your Medical Records thats suppose to be between your doctor and you, But he does not want to share his records such as a Birth Cert.

The American people could help out by contacting their congressmen and demanding action by the courts! Obama should not be above the law, which he think he is! Come on people lets make our voice heard!


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4 comments on “UPDATED 15 FEB Video – Tennessee lawmakers lend names to Obama citizenship lawsuit

  1. This is good. Just keep it in play until public disgust gets enough officials on board, and we’ll see the birth certificate.

  2. Still ticking!

    I guess this thing will go on and on. Not that I am an Obama fan or anything like that, but it just seems like all of the impeach Bush for war crimes stuff after a while.

    Maybe someone will start a pool and we can all bet on which will happen first, Obama being dethroned as not constitutionally qualified or Bush and Chaney being brought up on war crimes. Of course Obama is the real criminal here. Bush and Chaney were defending our country.

    While we’re at it let’s bet on when the Clintons will actually be challenged on their campaign contributions….remember Hsu, a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, had been a fugitive from justice for the prior 15 years then the feds caught up with him in Grand Junction Colorado. Why aren’t the Clintons in Jail.

    There are so many of these things just lurking out there. But don’t get me wrong I would love to see Obama squirm on this one.

    By the time it gets to the Supreme Court he could have a couple more libs there to save him.

    Then of course if he were ever actually removed we would end up with President Joe Biden.

    Anyway it is kind of fun to hear the ticking, kinda like the crockodile following Captain Hook around in Peter Pan.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick……

  3. riggword: fugitive from justice for the prior 15 years then the feds caught up with him in Grand Junction Colorado.

    goodtimepolitics: Colorado, that figures! LOL

  4. If Senator Obama is qualified to be President, why doesn’t he provide a documentable Birth Certificate and end the controversy and lawsuits against him? If qualified, but uncooperative, do we really want the position of primary guardian of the US Constitution to be filled by one who has disdain or contempt for it? Both the reluctance and the lapse of time to produce the document raises a red flag.

    Where are the checks and balances? Why haven’t federal officials demanded proof of citizenship before or since his inauguration? Until he provides it, how is he eligible for both his Office and his financial compensation as President? Why isn’t everything he has done (including appointments of unconstitutional Czars) being reversed and declared as null, void, and empty of proper authority? Why is there not a moratorium placed upon all his official actions until the controversy is resolved?

    The stark silence and apparent inaction by both the Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government is a huge red flag. Is this another of many government cover-ups? How is it that the federal government continues to do so much that is totally contrary to the Founder’s intent, and is not just unconstitutional, but anti-constitutional?

    Are we to believe that no one cares, or that the Constitution is dead? Or are we to believe the enemies of freedom, and domestic enemies of the US Constitution specifically, are gaining control over our great country?

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