Already on food stamps before having octuplets – Update, Another Batch On Way!

Taxpayers are already footing part of the bill for a situation he helped create. Suleman receives $490 a month in food stamps, and three of her first six children are disabled and receiving federal benefits. Moreover, Kaiser Permanente Hospital in suburban Bellflower has asked California’s health plan for the poor to cover the cost for the eight premature infants in its care, according to multiple sources familiar with the case.

Suleman’s publicist, Michael Furtney, confirmed the information about the food stamps and federal supplemental security income after two sources informed the Times of the benefits. Three sources told the Times that Kaiser has requested Medi-Cal reimbursement for care of the octuplets, which is estimated to run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read More

Octuplets doctor has another patient expecting quadruplets
A few months after Dr. Michael Kamrava helped Nadya Suleman become pregnant with octuplets, he transferred at least seven embryos to another patient.

She was in her late 40s and wanted just one baby.

Now she’s five months pregnant with quadruplets and hospitalized at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, according to several sources familiar with the situation
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Do you think that your tax money should support people like this and give them more for each kid they go and have? If not why are you not contacting your congressmen and telling them that they had better get on the ball and do something about it! Have you gave up on America?


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She also received about $165,000 in disability payments after being injured in a riot at a state mental hospital…….

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  1. One big money making business she is into huh? And now Obama is passin a bill within this spending bill to allow people to stay on welfare as long as they like and yes more than likely with a bigger check and more food stamps! This country is going under and fast!

  2. Another batch of babies on the way, but thats fine cause Obama’s Socialist Welfare Program will pay the bills and cost of living for yet another women. Yes your hard earned tax money at work Americans! Still happy with Barack spending your money?

  3. Perhaps you think we should just humanly drown the children to save us all the trouble? Or should we just let them starve, if they happen to be born to a moron?

  4. Perhaps we have someone that didn’t read what I said, cause I sure didn’t say anything near that James McPherson. Maybe the kids should all be taken away from her and then find her a job and make her pay child support to who ever has the kids. You have them, you pay for them! I am not Catholic but I still do not agree with abortions.

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