UPDATE 14 FEB – Feds want your medical records (Economic stimulus?)

Two Democrats Who Support Stimulus Oppose Mandatory Nature of Medical-Records Database It Creates

Two Democratic senators who support the $789-billion stimulus bill say they do not support the provision in it that creates a government database that will hold the personal medical records of all Americans. They say individuals ought to be able to opt out of the system.

Two Republican senators, who oppose the overall bill, were also critical of the database.

The bill calls for the creation of a federal “Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.” This office will be responsible for creating the national database and a plan for “the utilization of an electronic health record (EHR) for each person in the United States by 2014.” Read More

If these two Democratic knew about the provision in it that creates a government database, then why in the hell did they vote for the $789-billion stimulus bill ? They said they didn’t support the provision, I say they did support the Medical Record provision. What say you the American people about your medical records being available for the goverment to read? Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D- N.J.) and Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) and Both Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Sen. Daniel Akaka (D- Hawaii) declined to answer CNSNews.com’s questions about the medical-records database. Is this what you Liberals wanted when you voted the savior into office? Oh and these senators had to know that it was in the bill, even I knew back on 28 Jan 2009! Obama wants to spy on your health records, but don’t want to show you his Birth Cert!

Electronic database to include lawsuit, mental health, abortion, sexual details

A little-discussed provision in President Obama’s economic stimulus plan would demand that every American submit to a government program for electronic medical records without a choice to opt out, and it has privacy advocates more than a little alarmed.

Patients might be alarmed, too, privacy advocates said, if they realized information such as documentation on abortions, mental health problems, impotence, being labeled as a non-compliant patient, lawsuits against doctors and sexual problems could be shared electronically with, perhaps, millions of people.
Read More

Wait a minute Barack, you want all that information on us The American People but you will not make public your birth certificate?   I think you Barack is asking to much from we Americans. Are you willing to give Obama’s government all that information about yourself? 

The American people need to now get behind the republicans and let Obama and the democrats know that we don’t want his big spending bill. Contact congressmen anyway you can, by phone, email and yes snail mail! They need to hear from you now! Check out this link below!

Today was a good day for conservatism
There’s no mystery in how best to rebuild the party and energize the base: Talk like conservatives. Walk like conservatives. Vote like conservatives.


(1) The barbaric Muslim beheading in Buffalo By Michelle Malkin


15 comments on “UPDATE 14 FEB – Feds want your medical records (Economic stimulus?)

  1. This is all part of the build-up to government-rationed health care. Here’s from a post on NRO’s Corner.

    What’s just as troubling is the large number of far-reaching policy changes tucked away in the bill.

    For instance, the Democratic majority is laying the foundation for government rationing of health care—and the public has heard virtually nothing about it.

    The bill provides $1.1 billion for a new program of comparative effectiveness research. The idea is to study medical practice patterns, new products, and new technology to determine what is “cost effective.” In the UK, a similar program run by the National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE) is used to deny payment by the government for certain drugs and procedures that are said to be “cost ineffective.”

    Democratic lawmakers will deny that rationing is their intent, but that is not credible. Why create a government program to study what’s cost effective if not to use the information to inform payment and coverage decisions? The problem is that this kind of research inevitably includes value judgments (how much is an extra year of life worth?) and interpreting the data is more art than science. In the wrong hands (like a distant government bureaucracy), so-called effectiveness research can be very dangerous indeed.

    The bill is 647 pages long. I’m sure it’s full of surprises.

  2. Yes and the problem is that we the American people will not have a say on what information is taken from us….I remember back to when the left didn’t want information about possiable terrorist kept in a data base, but now its fine to keep our information in a data base for the government to use and just in case we go to a World order that information will be available to such as the United Nations for all countries to see! People better wake the heck up!

  3. And here’s my idea. Make sure how your congressperson voted on The Crap Sandwich, here


    If he voted “yea,” use GTP’s link up top to send your congressperson this quote.

    And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account — to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day — because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.

    It’s from the Obama’s inaugural speech.

    I’m telling you, congresscritters pay attention. Those 177 R’s who toed the line? They knew their constituents were behind them.

    Incidentally, my congressman, the poor sap, had the “Contact” function turned off on his House website (or maybe it was just clogged), but he had a separate email function, so I dinged him anyway.

    And the House still gets to vote on the Sammich one more time, after the Senate votes and the details of the final version are worked out. So we can still influence the course of our national disaster.

  4. Now that the so called stimulus bill has passed, the government program for electronic medical records without a choice to opt out is in there! The liberals complained about Bush taking their privacy while catching terrorist and now their savior is taking your privacy to spy on you the US Citizen! Will we hear any complaint Liberals?

  5. I just updated the post so read what the two democrats said and they still voted for the bill….those two would never get a vote from this American. I don’t even think the liberals want their health records in the hands of the government. Your health records should stay between you and your doctor. What you think?

  6. I’m sure all the patriotic progressives who opposed Bushie the Hitler Chimp when he sought to collect info on terrorists will be among the first to decry the Orwellian provisions of this bill.

  7. Here’s fairly brilliant. The Reagan-Obama debate.

    We forget how serious Ron was about liberty and our uniqueness and about taming the monster state. And we have to keep in mind that, while Obama is a neo maxi zoon dweebie, he is also the enemy of our liberties and the greatest friend the monster state has had in 70 years.

  8. Thanks for the comment at CLO Luke:)

    I spent more than twenty years in Emergency Medical Services and I have to ask. Why the hell is patient confidentiality such a big deal if the obaminites are going to put it out there for God only knows who to read anyways?

  9. Obama’s OWN file will be SEALED to
    everyone. WHAT A JOKE! He must
    be vetted now–an IMPOSTER is in the
    White House and ruining this country.

  10. I will not let the government take control of my health care since the neo marixst refuses to show any of his records,why should we? Will his family use the same garbage hell care that they are trying to dump on americans. Show your records obama before you try to dicate to us that our information be made.

  11. The only way we will be able to keep him from it is if we all stand up together! Thanks for the post ttrishstar!

  12. I’m sick with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). Instead of the Mainstream Medical Community helping us, we are reviled, ridiculed and ignored thanks to their close relationships to the lobbying drug/pesticide drug pushers who heavily court doctors to peddle their wares.

    So, I’m still sick and ignored and my income has been flushed down the toilet, my energy level has crashed, I have frequent migraines and I am very limited as to where I can go (thanks to bad reactions to certain things and usually a very elevated sense of smell).

    Too bad the the Mainstream Medical Community never looked at Martin Pall’s work or that we might have something wrong with the: Blood-Brain Barrier, the CNS sytem and either deficient or nonexistent detox enzymes such as paraoxenase and/or cholinesterace.

    To marginalize me like this and leave me to fend for myself is completely unforgivable (exacerbated) by lobbyists to Washington, lobbyist groups like: Stephen Barrett (Quackwatch), Ronald Gots (also associated with RISE), Michael Fumento (Hudson Institute-particularly venomous), Elizabeth Whelan), Elaine Showalter, Steven Milloy (formerly of Cato Institute author of Junk Science) and even Dean Edell and John Stossel threw their 2 cents in….Thanks guys…and these politicians want our medical records? Why?….I know this is going to sound very bizarre, but are they expecting our economy to collapse (with martial law) and with the threat of “Bird Flu” they will force vaccination on us to get us all microchipped because of a false threat of Bird Flu? In that case, they might want to find out who cooperated and who didn’t so they can eliminate those who won’t go in lockstep for the “controlled” populace of the 1-World Order aka NWO (New World Order).

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